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Residential Homes

Wightoak Youth delivers a bespoke residential service for Post 16 young people who are often, but not always, Care-Experienced. We aim to guide and support Young People on their journey away from the challenges, toward a more positive and fulfilled future.

All Wightoak Youth Services homes provide comfortable and homely accommodation, which promotes social and emotional integration. They also benefit from good transport links via car and public transport and ferry, fast cat and hover links are all within easy reach facilitating mainland appointments as well as time with family and friends. Locality Risk Assessments are available for each location on demand.

Complex Needs Home

Located in the idyllic countryside of the Isle of Wight, the farmhouse is set on grounds of 4.5 acres including equestrian facilities,an orchard, allotment, and a large fishing lake. There are 4 beds available to young people aged between 16-25, who have more complex needs and would benefit from greater support and intervention. The quiet, calming natural setting is an ideal environment to support good mental health, and there is ample opportunity to embrace outdoor life and positive well-being.

Intermediate Needs Home

Located in the county town of Newport, Isle of Wight, this house offers 4 beds to young people who still require guidance and support, but who are also ready to engage with the next stage towards independence. Its central location is ideal, affording young people easy access to local services, job opportunities, and education.

Independence Support Home

Also located in the county town of Newport, Isle of Wight, this house offers 4 beds to Young People on their final step towards independence. Its central location is ideal, affording young people easy access to local services, job opportunities, and education.


Wightoak Youth Services offer a bespoke outreach package for Care Experienced Young People to further support their pathway to independence in the community.

Excellent at following the agreed process for reporting missing young people
Dynamic person centred staff who are very passionate about their young people


The best way to contact Wightoak Youth Services regarding a referral is via email at

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We empower Young People to fulfill their potential through exceptional therapeutic support in a nurt

2 days ago

Reminder to be here, now 👌#findingmeaninginlife #livinginthemoment ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

So very happy to help at what can be a difficult time of year for some 💛We (very gratefully!) accept donations all year around - drop us a message if you have any unwanted, sealed toiletries to donate. Our Hygiene Bank Amazon Wishlist is also linked in our Bio. #hygienepoverty #hygienebank #payingitforwardWhat an absolutely stunning donation from Wightoak Youth today 💛 a whopping 33kg of essential hygiene products donated by their staff and partners. This will all be packed up and moved on to our community partners just in time for Christmas. We have had so many requests for support lately but we are still running with minimal volunteers so we just can't reach those that we really want to. If you would like to volunteer or just find out how you could help our community do drop us a message. A simple way of helping could be making a donation to any of our Boots stores on the island, just look for thw big yellow box. Again, many thanks to Wightoak Youth, you really are little Christmas elves ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

The NSPCC Childline service expects to be contacted by a child every 45 seconds, on average, this Christmas. Hundreds of people across the UK walk 5k on 22 December, the longest night of the year. Because for children suffering abuse, every night feels like the longest.Our team is walking 10k from Shanklin to Yaverland to raise money for the amazing work of the @nspcc_official If you can spare any pennies we would gratefully appreciate it! Link in Bio! nspcc.enthuse.com/pf/sharna-rolf ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Team milestones give us the chance to appreciate and reflect. Our team are fundamental to all that we do! We are so proud of our collective of lovely humans - a team that truely cares and wants the best for our Young People! We want to celebrate our team, always 🎉 THANK YOU 🥰“There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate” - Robert Brault #celebratingourpeople #peoplemakeithappen #dreamteam ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

November’s Wellbeing Challenge has been all about food. We put a nutrition and food quiz up for our Young People and can finally reveal the answers! 1. How many calories does a moderately active female 18-year-old need each day? A: 2200 to 2400 2. And how many does a moderately active male 18-year-old need each day? A: 2800 – 3200 - odd that men need so many more calories than woman, isn't it? 3. How long does food take to go right through your body? A: 24 – 72 hours - but it depends on a lot of things, like how much fluid you drink. 4. Omega-3 is found in oily fish like salmon and mackerel, and certain nuts and seeds. Why is it so valuable? A: It is good for the brain! 5. The pie chart shows the ideal balance of different types of food. What is the main nutrition we get from the GREEN section? A: Vitamins - fruit and veg provide crucial vitamins, but a lot more besides, so like a lot of nutritional know-how, it IS more complicated. 6. These are four good ways to get your carbohydrates. Fibre is also important – which of them has the most fibre? (pasta, potato, bread and rice) A: Baked potato is super cheap, super easy and gives you crucial fibre as well as those important carbs! 7. These sources of protein are cheaper than meat. Put them in order of which has the most protein per 100 grams. (Peas, cheese, eggs and beans) A: Cheese, egg, baked beans and peas. There are so many ways to get protein - and variety is good 8. What is best to eat before and after exercise? A: Carbohydrates before, and protein afterwards - but this is also more complicated. Carbs a couple of hours before exercise, and protein shortly after, but snacks should usually have a balance. 9. What goes out of date fastest in the fridge? (Chicken, beef, sausage rolls, cooked ham) A: Raw chicken only lasts a few days in the fridge. Cooked meat lasts longer. 10. What has the most sugar? (can of coke, coffee with 3 sugars, a can of redbull) A: A can of Coke has 35g of sugar - that's about NINE teaspoons!What healthy food choices are you going to make today? #nutriousnovember #healthyfoodchoices #healthiswealth ... See MoreSee Less
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