About Us


Our community collectively created our value statement and strives to ensure that we deliver everything by our commonly held beliefs on how to “get stuff done”:

Respect – We are Youth Advocates. Respect is everything. We strive to validate our Young People, their experiences, and dreams. 

Professionalism – We take consistency and quality of service very seriously.

Resilience – We are tough cookies. We take things in our stride and do things with a sense of humour and positivity.

Kindness – Warmth, and compassion are central to our way of working.

Paying it forward – We are passionate about helping Young People, furthering their opportunities, and assisting the communities they live in.

Our Therapeutic Model

We aim to provide a modified therapeutic community approach, underpinned by psychodynamic principles.
Our trauma-informed model emphasises the development of safe secure relationships. We respond to the emotional, physical, and psychological needs of the young person in our residential settings, guiding them through a sequence of developmental steps from dependency to independence.


The core principles and practices which underpin our therapeutic work are:

Collaborative working – effective collaboration within Wightoak Youth as well as with outside agencies to ensure that the needs of the young person are met.

Reflective culture – Wightoak Youth encourages a learning culture that creates space for reflection and development. People are dynamic and have varied needs, as an organisation we understand that we need to be agile to ensure we can adapt effectively to the people we support.

Staff development – the Wightoak team needs to understand the psychodynamic approach to deliver high-quality support. Staff receives regular training and supervision to ensure they are empowered to deliver effective support.